Current Council Members

AACII is composed of fifteen-sixteen members and three ex-officio members; roughly 2/3 are Administrative Officers from departments, laboratories and centers, and 1/3 are Administrators from administrative areas. The ex-officio members consist of representatives from the Executive Vice President's and Provost's offices and the previous AACII Chair. The committee reports to the Executive Vice President Israel Ruiz and Martin Arnold Schmidt, Provost.

While you may contact any individual AACII member with your ideas, concerns, or questions, each AACII member has a defined constituent group.

2016-2017 Council Members


Name Department  E-mail Address  Term Expires 
Peter Brenton Nuclear Science and Engineering 2018
David Bull DSL 2019
Chris Durham VPF Financial Operations 2018
Sucharita Berger Ghosh Department of Mechanical Engineering 2017
Pia Handsom (Chair)  Brain and Cognitive Sciences 2018
Mike Roberts Sloan School 2019
Lynn Hinds VP Research 2018
Eamon Kearns IS&T 2019
Kimberly Mann Office of Sponsored Programs 2017
Cindy Quense Koch Institute 2019
Lisa St Croix (Vice Chair) Department of Facilities 2017
Paula Sammarco Human Resources 2019
Sue Shansky Resource Development/ Alumni Assoc. 2018
Amberly Steward Anthropology Program 2017
Lisa Thoma Center for Real Estate 2017
Ex-Officio Members
Robin Elices Office of the Executive Vice President  
Doreen Morris Office of the Provost  
Richard Brewer (Ex-Chair) D-Lab 2018