Current Council Members

AACII is composed of fifteen-sixteen members and three ex-officio members; roughly 2/3 are Director, Administration and Finance Officers from departments, laboratories and centers and 1/3 are Administrators from administrative areas. The ex-officio members consist of representatives from the Executive Vice President and Treasurer and Provost offices and the previous AACII Chair. The committee reports to the Executive Vice President and Treasurer and Provost.

While you may contact any individual AACII member with your ideas, concerns, or questions, each AACII member has a defined constituent group.

2023-2024 Council Members
Name Department E-mail Address Term Expires
Jack Defandorf (Chair)  Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research   2024
Olympia Valentine (Vice-Chair)  Information Systems & Technology 2024
Kathy McGrath   Office of the Vice President for Finance 2024
Michael Leskiw Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology 2024
Helene Kelsey Department of Biology 2024
Prudence Robinson Center for Advanced Urbanism 2024
Gabriel Campos Department of Human Resources 2025
John Congdon Center for International Studies 2025
Dan Delgado Office of the Provost 2025
Richard Lay Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems 2025
Stacy DeBartolo Office of the Arts 2025
Ekaterina Trizlova Leaders for Global Operations Program 2025
Courtney Bensey Research Administration Services 2026
April London Sociotechnical Systems Research Center 2026
Joanne Mathias Mechanical Engineering 2026
Donna Wells McGovern Institute for Brain Research 2026
Mary Ellen Sinkus (Ex-Chair) School of Engineering 2022
Robin Elices (Ex-Officio)   Office of the Executive Vice President & Treasurer  
Elizabeth Lennox (Ex-Officio) Office of the Provost