Minutes March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015

Attendees:    Richard Brewer (Chair), Kathleen Flynn (Vice Chair), Sherene Aram, Lisa Thoma, Amberly Steward, Kimberly Mann, Gayle Lutchen, Christine Malnati, Chris Durham (replacing Tricia Sullivan-Mullen for VPF), Robin Elices, Su Chung, Sandra Lipnoski, Lisa St Croix, Steven Lanou, Sucharita Berger Ghosh, Robin Lemp

Note Taker: Lisa St Croix 

Not in Attendance:  Doreen Morris, Karen Shirer

Attachments:  KC Kuali Coeus Overview

Meet and Greet:  Glen Shor, Vice President for Finance

Glen started at MIT the end of January in the role of Vice President of Finance.  He attended the meeting with Janet Sparks, Community Relations Officer from VPF, who was there to identify any issues that were mentioned during the AACII introductions.

Richard Brewer, Chair

Overview of AACII
Consists of 15-16 members with three ex-officio members.  About two-thirds of the member are Administrative Officers (AO) from DLCs and one-third are administrators from central administrative offices.  The group is a formal mechanism for central administrative offices to obtain feedback regarding change to processes and systems.

The Administrative Officers were ask to highlight one way they work with VPF and the central offices were asked to highlight one initiative from their area that was presented to AACII previously.

Richard is the AO of D-Lab and their main interaction is the VPF Travel Office.  They have students traveling to all parts of the globe.  Many of their travelers are undergraduates and there is a lack of response regarding the submitting expense reports.


Kathleen Flynn, Co-chair
Human Resources
Kathleen represents the administrative side.  Previous presentations to AACII include HR initiatives in Atlas and the Work Life Center in which they received wonderful feedback.  There is a compensation initiative coming in the fall.

Sherene Aram
Information Services and Technology (IST)
AACII’s upcoming networking breakfast will focus on the transformation of IS&T.  It is a completely new organization with a new vision and a renewed focus on faculty and students.

Lisa Thoma
Center for Real Estate
They utilize eCAT 24/7 and really love it.  It is well organized and the purchasing agents are helpful.

Amberly Steward
Anthropology Program
They have complicated travel involving graduate students.
The Late Change Distribution form is pretty self-explanatory and easy.

The introduction of the HR Payroll Service Center a few years back has proven incredibly helpful (a recent example being an ex-employee who had not yet received their W2). It’s nice to talk to a real person, as opposed to emailing a generic email.

Gayle Lutchen
McGovern Institute
She deals with the staff at VPF and finds them amazing.  However, she has recently had an issue with completing a selection of source for purchasing artwork.  There are no competing quotes and the donor requested the artist.

Christine Malnati
MIT Energy Initiative
Her area is sponsored accounting both international and domestic.  When money comes in, they cannot tell when it hits SAP.

Kimberly Mann
Office of Sponsored Programs
Member of the Coeus support team


Robin Elices, Ex-Officio
Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Noted that AACII is co-sponsored by Israel Ruiz and Marty Schmidt.

Su Chung, Ex-Chair
Administrative Services for Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Feedback provided is often too late to effect change in systems.

Sandra Lipnoski
Edgerton Center
The center is self-supporting.

Steve Lanou
Office of Sustainability
The office has a number of initiatives and collaborations that have been rolled out to academic and administrative departments.

Sucharita Berger Ghosh
Department of Mechanical Engineering
VPF has great people.  Her issue is with the student system which is old with disconnects between systems.   The system disconnects create issues downstream.  A project is needed to overhaul the system.  Before proceeding we need to be engaged with a project to avoid pitfalls and negative impacts.

Robin Lemp
 “Two-thumbs” up for the new journal voucher app in Atlas.  It is a challenge to support users who create journal vouchers infrequently versus the everyday users.

Lisa St Croix
Department of Facilities
Last presentation to AACII was the redesign of the work request system.  The feedback from AACII and earlier outreaches were considered and implemented if possible, but outreach was too far along in the project.

Glen Shor
Vice President of Finance
Glen joined MIT at the end of January.  Since 2007 he had worked for Deval Patrick which was a career pivot from lawmaker to the executive branch.  From 2007 to 2010, he was policy director in the Commonwealth’s Executive Office for Administration and Finance which included the core administrative functions of finance, human resources, facilities and tax collection.  From 2010 to 2012, he served as executive director of the state’s Health Connector program.  He is proud of his work in the state house including t transforming the state’s information technology from antiquated systems to new technology that is customer friendly.

He has learned a lot from his successes and failures and comes to MIT to make a difference.  MIT is similar to the state which is large and complex.  He is impressed by the kind and welcoming people.  He is joining a team that is a great customer service entity.  He wants to push the boundaries for customer service and communication and dive deep in to the operations side.  Currently, he is working through flowcharts and gaining an understanding of the transactions.

Questions for Glen
What do you want to accomplish in the first 100 days?
There is no one particular thing, but learn the organization and understand the geography of campus.  He needs an efficient way to get to meetings.  Also, wants to understand the systems and how they are interconnected.

How do you like to spend your time?
With my wife and two young children.   It is now easier to focus on his family during the weekends.

Coeus Upgrade to Kuali Coeus (KC)
Presenting:   Carol Wood, Assistant Director, OSP

It is a $3 billion non-profit corporation handling revenue from tuition and gifts, external research sponsors, federal government, industrial sponsors and foundations.  In FY 2014 there were 2,700 active awards and 2,600 proposal submissions.

Each project follows a “cradle-to-grave” research life-cycle that includes the Proposal > Negotiation > Award > Project Completion.

Name for the software changes from Coeus to Kuali Coeus (KC).  The Kuali foundation is an organization of pooled resources to develop software that benefits the needs of higher education.  The software is based on the Coeus functionality developed at MIT.  There are monthly group discussion regarding functionality and enhancements
MIT has the governance structure and pushes their agenda.

It is a major upgrade, it will be a single, web-based tool with no premium and lite versions.  This will result in a better user interface with:
* Fewer windows
* No downloads
* PI and Admin View (admin view allows a view of what the PI sees)
* Online Help (embedded in the proposal)
* custom dashboards

Future functionality and enhancements include proposal review tool and cost sharing (summer 2015).  The approach is to stagger the changes to avoid overwhelming users.

The new system requires less testing, documentation, training and support.  Access will be managed through a business role via the Roles Database.

Rollout Schedule
April 2015
OSP Staff Preparation
DLC Proposal Training begins

Go-live  5/4/2015
Coeus is shut down for good (system will be available to OSP staff if needed).

On-line Training Resources
Short –eLearning videos
Quick Reference Cards

Classes:  70 offered April through September

* KC Overview (the presentation from meeting)
* All About Proposals –demonstration - 1 hour
* Proposal Development – hands-on – full day class
* S2S Proposal Development – hands-on – full day class
* Advanced Budgeting Topics – hands-on – 3 hours
* Routing, Approval and Workflow – demonstration – 1 hour
* All About Awards – demonstration – 1.5 hours

* IS&T space in E17 for hands-on classes with 15 seats
* Singleton Auditorium (46-3002) for demonstrations
In addition to the instructor (external), each class will have a subject matter expert from OSP in attendance.

Enrollment for hands-on classes is via LMS in Atlas


AACII questions and feedback
What training is required for department heads?
Not much.

Can you see previous years?
Yes, old data will transfer to the new system.  Proposals in routing status will be rejected on 4/30 or 5/1.  OSP will bypass the rejection.

Suggestion to submit proposals in Coeus before the system shutdown completing all of the administration in Coeus and finish in KC.

Extra staff will be available a drop-in help sessions will be available in OSP offices, but they are looking for locations on the main campus, too.

In what order should someone take the training?
Any order works.