Minutes January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

Attendees:    Richard Brewer (Chair), Kathleen Flynn (Vice Chair), Sherene Aram, Lisa Thoma, Amberly Steward, Kimberly Mann, Gayle Lutchen, Christine Malnati, Tricia Sullivan-Mullen, Robin Elices, Su Chung, Sandra Lipnoski, Karen Shirer, Lisa St Croix, Steven Lanou, Sucharita Berger Ghosh, Robin Lemp

Note Taker: Kathleen Flynn

Not in Attendance:  Doreen Morris
Presenting: Kathy McGrath, Financial Operations
Concur Travel Upgrade

Concur has a new look and feel.  Some changes from vendor, some identified at MIT. The Travel Office conducted 53 trainings.  Training materials including job aids have been updated. The last training session is being held today.

There will be a dedicated resource for each school from Kathy’s office.  This representative will be available for departmental training/updates.

System changes
* New Home page, including task status. 
* Report key generated on first saving of expense report, report key can now be used as a reference.
* Quick expense tab allowing you to copy down expenses.
* Itemization wizard - easier to itemize
* Line item send back – Travel now has the ability to send back one line item and let the rest of the report go through instead of rejecting the entire report.  This line item would be a later addendum.
* Missing receipt affidavit if receipt lost – eliminates back and forth.  It pulls up any expenses requiring receipt and allow user to certify that the receipt is missing, but account has been changed to a non-recoverable expense. May be done by the traveler or the delegate. Audit confirms the delegate can complete the affidavit. It can also be forwarded to traveler.
* Mileage calculator allows miles to be automatically added to expense.

Trip Link allows you to create a trip more easily.  Book trips outside of Concur, then send to Trip link, provides notifications.  A delegate can use Trip link, on behalf of the traveler.

 Mobile app is available.

AACII questions and feedback
Can we have direct deposit instead of reimbursement – Kathy answered, no for one time guests.
E-mail receipt to Concur is helpful. 
Front end changes no longer look so much like an ad for Concur (Kathy is working on including MIT information on home page)
Other university users:  BU and Northeastern have Concur. These schools have had similar experiences, struggling with adoption, same E-mail concerns (Concur bombards people).  They have added information on action required/informational to E-mail.
Cognos expense reports were developed to address status of travel reports, including un-expensed travel.  While the reports are helpful, the results have not been as expected since the visibility has not driven down the un-expensed transactions.
Dunning letter – there is detail available by following the link at the bottom of the dunning report to see what the traveler sees.

The new system went live on Jan 15th.  No major issues have been identified.  The most frequently asked question was about delegates moved to the right on home page.

Future enhancement – un-expensed credit card transactions. Send enhancement requests to Kathy, she will pass along to Concur.

How will un-expensed be addressed – through outreach the next 6 months to the traveler or delegate.  Will shut cards down upon department request.  Other university shut down cards in these situations.  Google has a policy to shut off cards if you don’t expense in 30 days and send an E-mail copying the VP.

After the Concur demo, the committee broke into AO event planning sub-teams.